Avatar The Way Of Water

Avatar The Way Of Water 2022: The world’s most expensive and big film Avatar The He Off Water was released on December 16, 2022, on Friday. Waiting for the arrival of this film all over the world was going on. But this movie has now been released. The first text of this movie came in 2009. But after 13 years, this movie has also been released. Its head is James Cameron.

Avatar The Waiting for the release of Off Water Movie is very eagerly waiting in India. Because it is a 3D graphic, it is very spectacular whose audience was waiting for years. At the same time, the answer is talked about earning the first day of Endgame, he earned 53 million 10 lakh rupees on the first day.

Avatar The Way Of Water Day 1 Earnings

Avatar 2 i.e. that the incarnation is talking about earning the first day of the off water, the first day that only India has earned more than 44 crores. The first day of the same earning and the first day of India is approximately £ 53 crores. Avatar 2 Movie Them is talked about earning the first day in the world, then the Avatar Movie earned $ 136.5 million. Which is a Word Record

Avatar 2 The Way Of Water earnings

Avatar 2 earnings in off Water India and within 3 days in World Wide.

DayIndia (Net Collection)India (Gross Collection) World Wide
1st Rs.41+ CRRs.52+ CR$136.5 Million
2ndRs.45+ CRRs.57+ CR$70+ Million
3rdRs.53+ CRRs.65+CR

Avatar The Way Of Water budget

Avatar The way of Water Movie has come after 13 years, it came in 2009 and its second part has come in December 16, 2022. The total budget of this movie is $ 350 million to $ 400 million.

1st$ 237 Million $2.923 Billion
2nd$350 to $400 Million

Some information about Avatar part 1

Avatar Part One is the director James Cameron, and part 2 is also director James Cameron. As you know that the incarnation is off water only a few days ago. Although we are talking about Part One, Part One Result has been written by Cameron. Avatar Part One release date was released in the United States on December 18, 2008. The running time of this movie is 162 minutes. This movie was made for $ 237 million and its total box office a collection of $ 2.923 billion.

Director James Cameron
WriterJames Cameron
Produced ByJames Cameron
Jon Landau
Distributed By20th Century Fox
Release Date10 December 2009 (London)
18 December 2009 (United States)
Playtime162 Minutes
Budget $ 237 Million
Box Office $2.923 Billion

Avatar the way of water Day 1,2 and 3 World Wide Earnings

After the incarnation 2 movie release, the audience has the desire to know a lot about it, as the earnings of the first day of the incarnation are the first day, and the earnings of the second day how much is the earnings of the third day? This movie has been released only 3 days ago, which has been released on December 16, 2022.

The earnings of the first day of this movie, earning the first day in India Rs.41 + card, and earnings of the second day RS.45 + Card. And the third day earnings are Rs.53 + card and the grass collection is being talked about on the first day in India RS.52 + Carod, and the second day Grass Collection is Rs.57 + card, and the third day Grass Collection is RS.65 + Card. Which should be for a blockbuster movie.

Avatar The Water Movie is talked about earnings on the whole world wide label, the first-day Avatar Movie has earned $ 136.5 million. And this movie earned $ 70 + Million on the second day and the third day is going on Sunday, so it can be estimated that it will earn too much money.

Avatar The way Of Water Earning in North America

Avatar 2 is estimated that it will earn $ 178 million from approximately $ 145 million in North America. And earnings earning from Box Office in North America of Avatar 2 can earn $ 803 million from $ 803 million approximately $ 574 million.

Avatar The way Of Water

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How much did Avatar 2 earn worldwide in 1 day?

$136.5 Million

Avatar 2 earns how much on the first day in India?

Rs.41+ CR

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